Mevlana Order

God says: " I was a Hidden treasure, so I wanted to be Known, Hence I created the creatures in order to be known "  Hadith Qudsy 


The Mevlana order takes its origins from Konya in Turkey. The founder of the order is the renowned poet, theologian, and Sufi mystic Jalaluddin Muhmmad Bahlki Rumi (d.1312). Following a meeting with a dervish mystic Shams i-tabriz, Jalaluddin Rumi, after years of being an Imam, reached enlightenment and produced poems that are still to this day being memorized and recited. ​


The Mevlana Order is principally recognized by the Sema ceremony which is a type of Dhikr (remembrance of God) performed by the whirling dervishes in a perfect symphony to reach a unique breath which synchronizes with the breath of the Universe. By doing so, they reach illumination, enlightenment and divine revelation. In other words, Art and Meditation are links to the Divine. One could either whirl in a dancing form, sing in a reciting form (meshk), produce paper garnement or paint etc, all must be done through God's remembrance.​


The Mevlana order is considered by mainstream Muslims as an extreme form of worship, falling outside the teachings left from Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him), some consider it as bidah (innovation). Officially illegal in Turkey under the previous order of Ataturk, the UNESCO world heritage participates in the preservation of Rumi's legacy. 750 years later, the Mevlani order succeeds in spreading around the Muslim World, principally, in Central Turkey and North of Iran, where Jalaluddin Rumi's wisdom is taught to children. But also in Egypt, India, local communities in Europe, Canada, and the USA. They all attempt to perform Sema to spread the illumination and beauty of the synchronisation between Man and God.

The main spiritual practices within the Mevlevi Order are as follows:

  • Dhikr: invocation of the Divine Names which is believed to purify the heart.

  • Sema (or sama): the whirling ceremony.

  • Study of the spiritual meaning of the Quran and Rumi’s works (especially his poetic masterpiece the Mathnavi).

  • Spiritual conversation: led by the sheikh (sohbet).

  • Meditation (known as muraqabah in Islam).

  • Adab (developing courtesy and mindfulness).

IRFAN- Medeniyeti Arastirma Ve Kultur Merkezi:

Irfan is a school located in Konya that teaches practices taught by Jalaluddin Rumi. Practises of Sema, calligraphy, mesk, sohbet and much more activities that offers a seeker of illumination to find their inner-art, and develop the skill through complete meditation and focus on God's names.

The perfect spiritual retreat for anyone that seek the Love hidden in the Heart.

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