Uniting the School Of Thoughts

Throughout the travels, we met all the different branches of faith within the Muslim World. The Muslim world claim to be an 'Ummah' [a brotherhood within the Islamic faith], but some school lack on knowledge over an other. Whereas the key of understanding the total concept of one faith is to look inwards and ponder over all the different school of thoughts that the religion has to offer.

Extended map of the main branches within the Islamic Faith: 
Extended map of the main branches within the Shia Muslims community: 

Ortodox Islam:




Taiba is a young traveler, a graduate of Arabic and Islamic Studies at SOAS University of London. Her travels are detailed throughout this website, she provides a depth understanding of the Muslim Community, the range of theological perspectives within the Islamic dogma. In addition to the various historical sites that recalls the narration of the Holy Qur'an.

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