Taiba is a graduate of Islamic studies at SOAS, University of London, she travels throughout the Muslim World and meet different cultures, ethnicity, traditions and religions- Her passion for theology began at an early age and throughout her travels, she was able to witness the truth behind

"My God in my religion answer".

This site supply information on the different school of thoughts within the Islamic faith, also providing an itinerary of holy places/ shrines/ forsaken historical site while presenting the secret of unity through each journey to inspire others for a spiritual trip.

Peace be upon you


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Uniting the School Of Thoughts

Throughout the travels, was observed the different branches of faith within the Muslim World. The most alerting fact was the lack of knowledge one community has on the other. The Muslim world claim to be an 'Ummah' [a brotherhood within the Islamic faith]. However a misunderstanding is seen between countries and communities. Whereas the key of understanding the total concept of one faith is to look inwards and ponder over all the different school of thoughts that the religion has to offer. 

Extended map of the main branches within the Muslims community: 
Extended map of the main branches within the Shia Muslims community: 

Ortodox Islam: