Following the marriage, Moses decided to emigrate with his family. Divinely guided he reached the famous bush - Located in the Sinai Peninsula - “When Moses had completed the term and was travelling with his family, he spotted a fire on the side of Mount Ṭûr. He said to his family, “Stay here, for I have spotted a fire. Perhaps from there I can bring you some directions or a torch from the fire so you may warm yourselves.” But when he came to it, he was called from the bush in the sacred ground to the right side of the valley: “O Moses! It is truly I. I am Allah—the Lord of all worlds.” 28: 29-30 This marks the beginning of his prophecy, God will appoint Moses as the saviour of the Israelites. Requesting Pharaoh to liberate the Israelite and invite him to submit to God. God would grant Prophet Moses of producing miracles… ““Now, throw down your staff!” But when he saw it slithering like a snake, he ran away without looking back.” Allah reassured him... “O Moses! Draw near, and have no fear. You are perfectly secure.” 28:31“Now put your hand through the opening of your chest, it will come out shining white, unblemished. And cross your arms tightly to calm your fears. These are two proofs from your Lord to Pharaoh and his chiefs. They have truly been rebellious people.” 28:22 Moses requested the assistance of his Israelite brother And my brother Harun is more eloquent than I, so send him with me as a helper to support what I say, for I truly fear they may reject me.” 28:33 God responded “We will assist you with your brother and grant you both authority, so they cannot harm you. With Our signs, you and those who follow you will certainly prevail.”  Moses with courage went back to Egypt in order to release the Israelites from slavery and invite the disbelievers to worship a unique God.

God by His infinite wisdom knew that Pharaoh would call on his most talented magician to challenge Moses in a dual of ‘miracles’. However, when the magician faced Prophet Moses they say;  “This is nothing but conjured magic tricks. We have never heard of this in the history of our forefathers.'' 28:36 So they said to Pharaoh; ‘We will not believe in you, no matter what signs you produce to cast a spell on us,’ 7:132 And Pharaoh said, “O chiefs, I have never known of any god for you other than me. So fire-up clay-bricks for me, O Haman, and build me a tower, that perhaps I may view the God of Moses, though I definitely think he is of the liars.” 28:38 God ultimately chose to punish the criminal and afflicted them trials… "And indeed, We punished the people of Pharaoh with years of drought and shortness of fruits (crops, etc.), that they might remember and take heed. and so We let loose on them the flood, locusts, lice, frogs, blood- all clear signs. They were arrogant, wicked people." 7:133 And whenever a plague struck them they would say; ‘Moses, pray to your Lord for us by virtue of the promise He has made to you: if you relieve us of the plague, we will believe you and let the Children of Israel go with you,’ 7: 134 But “When We relieved them of the plague and gave them a fixed period [in which to fulfil their promise]- lo and behold!- they broke it.” 7:135 

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Moses & Harun

At last, God withdrew His mercy and gave order to Prophet Moses to lead his people out of Egypt. Pharaoh did not allow such a rebellion and ordered a huge army to chase the Israelites. Prophet Moses and his family walked throughout the Arabic Peninsula until they reached the Red Sea. They were now stuck between the army of Pharaoh and the Red sea. " When the two groups came face to face, the companions of Moses cried out, “We are overtaken for sure." 26:61 Moses reassured them, ""Absolutely not! My Lord is certainly with me – He will guide me”." 26:62 Moses was then inspired "Strike the sea with your staff,” and the sea was split, each part was like a huge mountain." 26:63 Prophet Moses along with the believers ran to the other side of the sea whilst the army and Pharaoh were drawn in the water. "So We inflicted punishment upon them, drowning them in the sea for denying Our signs and being heedless of them." 7:136 Giving victory to the Israelite: " And so We made the oppressed people successors of the eastern and western lands, which We had showered with blessings. In this way the noble Word of your Lord was fulfilled for the Children of Israel for what they had endured. And We destroyed what Pharaoh and his people constructed and what they established." 7:137