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As of August 2020, there are over 3 373 000 Muslims  in Britain, with an estimated 1,750 mosques. British Muslims live in peace between branches and ethnicities. This is reflected by the beautiful buildings of Leighton House which proves the sense of multi-culture heritage. As such; the Ahmadhiyyas are situated in Southall, amicably inviting you to their unique and huge mosque. The ISOC and ABSOC students of every university, i.e. Exeter University whose gatherings mainly take place in the Islamic Centre. The numerous scholars, who take a stand at the Eid festival, celebrated in Leicester Square each year as well as the famous gathering at Hyde Park Corner each Sunday morning. One of the many academic courses offered by the Cambridge Muslim College, the worthwhile workshops in the new building of Oxford Islamic Studies Centre. The unmissable Shah Jahan Mosque the first purpose-built mosque in the United Kingdom, built in 1889 by the Orientalist Gottlieb Wilhelm Leitner. including the Ismaili Centre near the British History Museum and Agha Khan foundation in Euston Square. The incredible network of  Shi'a Professionals of London  gathering at the Islamic Centre of England, close to the Brent Mosque, popular for its refurbishment from a Church to a Mosque. And of course all the smaller Sufi-Sunni-Shia events across London where chants and dances are celebrated such as the Naqshbandi. All of those communities have learnt to live side by side. They accept and respect each other’s ideologies, even though significant minor issues within the communities can occur.Generally, when the Eid Prayer is celebrated, there is no distinction on which school of thoughts or branches of Islam one follows. Muslims, all of them, gather to the nearest and biggest park or mosque and then pray. That is as prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) said, "Love for others what you Love for yourself.”


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